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Kia Ora!


This web site is for those unable to be here with me, or those who just care to take an interest. It's about my experiences here in New Zealand, since coming from the UK.


The Trips section contains travelogues of some of my various adventures.

From England, there's some pages about:

bullet Cornwall
bullet Lands End
bullet images/rated.gif The Eden Project
bullet About the Project
bullet Visit
bullet Goonhilly Earth Station

From New Zealand:

bulletBay of Plenty
bullet Northland
bullet Waipoua forest
bullet Otorohanga



images/rated.gif There's a substantial section about New Zealand Māori.

There's lots of stuff about Māori language (Te Reo Māori); history (Tāhuhu Kōrero); culture (Māoritanga); Marae; and customs (Tikanga), such as carving (Whakairo), tattooing (Ta Moko), and performing arts (Kapa Haka).

images/tik-poi2.gifThe section on Kapa Haka tells you of Māori song (Waiata), including about one of the best known of Māori songs - Pokarekare Ana (you can even listen to it!). 

Also of Māori dance (Haka), including about 'The' Haka - that as made famous by the New Zealand All Blacks; and there's a page on the use of poi in dance. There's also a page about Kapa Haka today, on the world stage.

There's even two Māori stories (Kōrero) - one a well known love story - that of Hinemoa and Tutanekai, and another about How the Kiwi Lost Its Wings.



The Author section contains pages about:

bulletMy cat, Fang;
bulletMy house; and
bulletA  picture of me.



There's a page about the geography of New Zealand on the maps page.

Of course, there's now quite a lot on this site, and its assembly required consulting a number of sources. The sources page acknowledges the people, authors and other contributors used in the construction of this site, and includes some links to other web sites.

There's a page with a few common Māori terms to help you, which you can always get to at the bottom of each page.

Oh, and you can always get to any page via the table of contents.



Peace, Love and International Grooviness to all, and enjoy your visit!


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