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Te Reo Maori
Common Terms
Tahuhu Korero
Kapa Haka
Ta Moko

images/tik-poi2.gifThis section is about New Zealand Māori.

Here you'll find pages about:

bullet The Māori language (Te Reo Māori);
bullet A lexicon of common Māori terms;
bullet Māori history (Tāhuhu Kōrero);
bulletA look around The Marae;
bullet Māori culture (Māoritanga);
bullet images/rated.gif Māori performing arts (Kapa Haka) -
Including song, dance and about the All Blacks' famous Haka;
bullet Māori carving (Whakairo);
bullet Māori tattooing (Ta Moko); and
bulletA couple of Māori stories (Kōrero) -
Including the stories of Hinemoa and How the Kiwi Lost Its Wings.



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Need help with a Māori word?
Click here to have open a list of common Māori terms; or
Click here to open the English-Māori Translator at Otago University.


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