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Pokarekare Ana
The Haka
Kapa Haka Today

Kapa Haka

Performing Arts


Kapa Haka comprises traditional Māori cultural singing (waiata), dancing (kanikani/haka), and games (rehia).

images/tik-kh1.jpg Traditional Māori dress during performances is often very impressive indeed.

.In this section you'll find pages about:

bullet Waiata (singing)
bulletimages/rated.gif A famous Māori song: Pokarekare Ana
You can read the lyrics, there's the score of the tune, so you can play it on your own instrument, and you can even listen to the song!
bullet Haka (dancing)
bullet images/rated.gif There's a special page about 'The' Haka - as performed by the Internationally reknowned All Blacks New Zealand Rugby Team.
bulletDancing with Poi
bulletKapa Haka Today


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