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Of course I'm not here alone!

This page shows you my cat, Fang.

I got her from the SPCA (the Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals), which is pretty much the same as the RSPCA in the UK, just not Royal!



Here you can see how she got her name!

She lost her top left incisor, maybe in a fight or an accident, so when she bites together, sometimes her bottom tooth sticks out, as you can see in the picture!



She's quite an active cat, and is often prowling around.

She likes to play outside a lot, but she knows where home is, and where to get her food!



This cat fears no other!

The other day she came in and had obviously been fighting - you can see she got scraped across her nose in this picture.

She's very inquisitive too, and not camera shy!




She's a lil sweety though, and loves having her tummy tickled.

She likes to go to sleep on me too!



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