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This page is about one of the last holidays I spent with my son - Rowan - in the UK.

We went down with some friends and stayed in Cornwall for a few days.
Cornwall is in the bottom South-West corner of Britain.

We stayed in a lovely villa in Perrancoombe, near Perranporth in Cornwall. 

We visited lots of places, including the Eden Project (there's pages about the site itself, and about our visit), the Goonhilly Earth Station, Lands End, Newquay and St Ives.

Geographically Cornwall is almost an island, separated from the rest of Britain by the River Tamar.

Here's a map:




As soon as we got there we wanted to go to the beach!

So we got our stuff out of the car and drove into Perranporth.

It was already early evening by the time we got there.

The name 'Perranporth' means Piran in the sands

It was originally a mining community, but is now a holiday resort with a three mile sandy beach. 

Winston Graham wrote the first of his Poldark novels here, weaving a real and fictitious story of 18th and 19th century mining families. 

The sands of Perranporth beach have now engulfed the mine buildings, and the lost church of St Pirans oratory (founded by the saint in the 6th century) was another casualty of the creeping sands.

Despite some good looking, messing around and splashing, there wasn't too much to be found!

There are most beautiful beaches to be found in Cornwall.

Some of the best are a little off the beaten track, but worth finding!

St Ives and Newquay were visited, as were a couple of other beaches along the way...



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