Lands End

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Lands End

The Romans called this area The Sea of Storms. 

Its claim to fame is that it is the most westerly point in England, lying at the farthest point of Cornwall.

There is a dramatic coastline from which you an see both the Longships' Lighthouse (1.5 miles off shore), and the Wolf Rock Lighthouse (8 miles off shore). 

On a clear day you can see the Scillies 28 miles away.

It is a major tourist destination, and there are a number of tourist attractions at Lands End.

The cliff path south from the area crosses some breath taking cliff scenery. 

Off shore are a number of rocks and reefs, with names such as "Armed Knight", "Dr Johnson's head", "Irish Lady", "Kettles Bottom" and "Enys Dodman".

On a nice, sunny day, it is very beautiful.


It's about as close to the end of England as you can get!
Lands End is also home to many fishermen.

Here's Rowan with the Lands End lifeboat.

And Rowan and Joshua standing on big chains once used by another (presumably very big!) boat.


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